Personalize unique gifts for friends, family and loved ones with a custom engraving that will last a lifetime. Add names, monograms, important dates or special messages to be professionally engraved on hundreds of beautiful gifts ideal for any occasion. Our unique collection of engraved gifts offers hundreds of exclusive designs and quality workmanship so you can be sure each item is skillfully engraved to your unique specifications

A personalised 3D crystal that transforms any photo into 3D. Have your memories beautifully designed and professionally crafted into a stunning keepsake that will last a lifetime. This choice of crystal is our best seller for a reason as it’s perfect for a wide range of occasions such as; birthdays, weddings, memorials and holidays.

3D Photo Crystal - Your Timeless Gift

Three-dimensional photo in glass is a completely unique gift idea, perfect for any occasion. Transformed into 3D and etched in crystal, your image will never fade, making it perfect for a timeless gift. Order now a stunning 3D Photo Crystal gift with your favorite picture. The “WOW” effect is guaranteed!


Crystal Gallery is your place for one-of-a-kind, personalized gifts. We offer exclusive products which are perfectly suited for surprising your friends or family with a truly unique keepsake. Check out our 2D and 3D laser photos engraved in glass or our elegant color glass pictures. Looking for something tasteful and tasty? Try our edible photos to decorate that special birthday cake or have your images printed directly onto chocolate. Best of all, Crystal Gallery crafts each photo product and gift item to individually fit your needs! If you want to have a favorite photo preserved in glass or to order one as a gift, you’ll certainly find an item perfect for you among our wide range of customizable products. Our unique ideas will ensure that your eye-catching gift will become a cherished keepsake. Give that special someone an amazing and highly personalized gift. Get inspired by the many exciting options at your disposal for transforming your photos into the ultimate present. Start creating your own customized memento or high-quality gift right now.

How We Do It

To create a 3D Photo in glass takes two main steps. Using computer software your image is formed into a three-dimensional design. Whatever the image is, from inanimate cars and buildings to people and animals, professional graphic designers can transform it. Then, using a subsurface marking green-laser machine, the image is etched within the glass. It does so by forming thousands of micro-cracks and all the dots create a three-dimensional image. Learn more and watch video https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=2&v=IUKIXxsZJno about how we transform your photos from 2D to 3D photo crystals.

Create Long-Lasting Memories with Crystal Glass Photos

Photos are suffering from a lack of appreciation these days. As a result of digitalization, many images worth treasuring end up stored away on hard drives. Start having fun with your photos again - with your own customized photo creations etched in glass. Whether you prefer 2D or 3D modelling, how to preserve your special moments as an innovative keepsake is quite easy. You supply us with a photo, and with the help of cutting-edge laser technology, we’ll convert it into an impressive 2D or 3D work of art in glass. No longer confined to a photo frame, your crystal glass images are magnificently versatile and can be converted into key chains, pendants for necklaces or design-accenting classical cubes. Use lighting to make your work of art even more striking by adding a light base or an illuminated column. Love color photos? In addition to our 2D and 3D laser photos, be sure to check out our colored glass photos featuring your images printed directly onto the back of a high-quality glass panel.


Let your favorite photo vividly and dynamically come alive as an elegant 3D crystal glass photo which brings out the best of your special image. With the latest engraving techniques, Crystal Gallery can lend your two dimensional photo a wonderful 3D effect while preserving it in high quality crystal glass - turning a simple photo into a stylish attention getter!

You design it, we produce it - it’s that simple with crystal glass photos from Crystal Gallery. Just provide us with your favorite photo and choose the crystal glass shape that you like best. Select from crystal glass blocks in various sizes or a crystal glass heart for lovingly precious moments. Browse Crystal Gallery’s online shop to view all of the unique crystal glass photo products we have in store for you.

Crystal Glass Blocks in Various Sizes

Crystal Glass Hearts

You want to effectively stage your most beautiful photos and memories? Framing photos framed to hang on the wall or to stick in the photo book, do you find stale and boring? With 2D and 3D photos in glass, you can now bring out your most precious pictures in a particularly classy and stylish way. Present your favorite photo in a stylish glass block or glass heart or turn your snapshot into an unforgettable photo gift.

Thanks to our innovative glass engraving laser systems, the inner glass of every shape of glass can be easily designed according to your photo. So we close your photo subject inside the glass without damaging the glass surface. Let your photos shine in optical brilliance with our techniques and make them so special and unique.

Personalised Glass Blocks, 3D Photo Crystals, Glass Gifts & Tokens

We have a personalised engraved glass blocks and 3D photo crystal gifts available for every occasion. We have personalised glass gifts for Birthdays, Weddings, Christenings, New Baby, Anniversary, Engagement, Mother's Day, Father's Day and Valentine's Day.

Our 3D photo blocks and personalised engraved keepsake gifts come in various sizes and suit all budgets. They make a great and we have these glass gifts available in lots and lots of different designs. So if you are looking for a Birthday present for Grandma, a Wedding Gift for the happy couple or a New Born Baby or Christening Gift you are sure to find something to suit

Converting Your Standard 2D photo into a 3D Design

The first thing we do is use special computer software to model the image into a 3D design. Due to a lack of spatial information in the original 2D image, only an experienced computer graphic designer can do this. We have a team of highly trained and dexterous designers who are well-versed with the most advanced computer technologies which convert two-dimensional photographs into three-dimensional models. Thanks to our skilled team and special software, we can convert images of almost all kinds of objects with ease, including images of people, vehicles, animals, buildings, and so on. Our 3D results are excellent. You can hardly tell they were converted from a 2D image! Our 3D images look so good that one might mistake them for photographs taken with a real 3D scanner!

Share a treasured memory in the most stunning and remarkable way possible with 3D crystals. Available in multiple sizes and shapes, and featuring unique pedestal bases that add an extra layer of elegance to an already highly sophisticated keepsake. This will be the gift that your friend, colleague, or loved one will never forget!

GLASS PHOTO PRINTS - Print your photos on glass to make attractive an all in one printed glass frame. Printing photos on glass give the images a unique luster, crisp detail and vibrant colour. Glass printing is a rare skill, which we use for our luxury printed glass gifts. Next day delivery options available.

Transfer a favorite photo to glass on our personalised glass photo frames.

Photo printing on glass is unusual and rare, so why not create something different with clear glass photo frames? It looks terrific and makes a great glass photo gift. Our process of printing photos on glass is called dye sublimation printing on glass. This means we print directly into a coating on the glass and do not supply laminated paper prints that stick on and peel away in time.

Etching in Glass

This process will awe you. The converted image is etched in glass using a ground-breaking subsurface marking green-laser machine. During this process, a laser beam controlled by a computer penetrates through the transparent surface of the glass block and makes hundreds of thousands micro-cracks by focusing the concentrated energy in a particular point inside the glass. Together, such dots create the desired three-dimensional image.

How to Order Your 3D Photo Crystal

What we need from you is just a good quality photo. Give us a great photo and we will create a priceless 3D photo crystal gift for you – something that you will cherish forever. We are confident that once you receive your 3D image, you would not be able to hold back a loud “wow!” Imagine giving this 3D photo crystal to your loved one! It makes one of the most beautiful and touching gifts in the world!

Our commitment to converting your photo into a stunning 3D photo crystal is so strong that if you are not satisfied with our efforts, we would happily refund your purchase. For more details on 100% money back guarantee, read our Return Policy.

Tip: Add an optional light base to your pick after uploading the image. Your crystal would give a radiant shine and display the engraved 3D image in the most stunning manner.

3D Photo Crystal

Instead of a simple photo in a frame, you can have an image etched in crystal-clear glass creating an amazing three-dimensional effect. Using the latest technology of 2D to 3D image conversion, we can transform your most cherished picture into a stunning 3D Photo Crystal that would take your breath away!

The Perfect Gift

3D Photo Crystal is a unique photo gift. Whatever the occasion, it brings a memory to life more than a traditional photograph can. Whether it’s for a big affair, like a marriage, or simply a special moment that you treasure, a 3D photo in glass makes a memorable gift or powerful memento. Order a perfect photo gift for your loved one here now.

Bring Your Photos To Life as 3D Images

You’d like to have a picture transformed into a 3D crystal glass photo? Then let the experts at Crystal Gallery deliver you quality results. With over 20 years of experience crafting 3D laser photos, our 3D graphic artists, assisted by our specially designed proprietary software, intuitively understand how a flat photo should appear in three dimensional form and implement this imaging with innovative glass engraving methods. A special type of laser engraving allows us to laser your photos and images into the interior of high-quality k9 crystal glass blocks. The laser does not damage the surface of the glass, making it the best tool for this type of engraving work.

Whether you have in mind the portrait of a single special person or a group of up to 10 people, or perhaps even a favorite pet - we’ll craft your 3D photo according to your desires. You’ll receive fully personalized crystal glass photos featuring an eye-catching 3D effect, making the 3D crystal glass photo an unforgettable photo gift for friends, spouses, parents and other loved ones. Surprise the special people in your life with a splendidly unique keepsake.

Portrait Photos

Group Photos

Pet Photos

3D Crystal Glass Photos & Other Photo Gifts

Crystal Gallery turns your photo into a one-of-a-kind 3D crystal glass photo. In addition to this elegant and original way of preserving your precious moments, we also offer you other options for creating a memorable photo gift. You may want to have your photo transformed into a 2D crystal glass photo where you can choose from block or heart shapes to convert your photo into a pendant. Your 2D laser photo can then be worn as the pendant centerpiece of a necklace or become a unique, personalized keychain. Crystal Gallery has everything you need - including lighted bases and illuminated columns - to let the beauty and radiance of your 2D and 3D crystal glass photos truly shine.

3D Laser Crystals, The Perfect Gift for any Occasion

3D Laser Land is your most distinguished source on the internet for 3D Photo Crystals and other 3D Laser Gifts. Providing you with a Perfect 3D laser gifts and then adding your personalized greeting or message using our high tech laser engraving technology. 3D crystals customized into 3-dimensional designs of your photo engraved deep inside of a beautiful optical crystal shape of your choice.

Personalized 3D photo crystals are the ultimate gift. Give a personalized and unique gift for holidays, birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, awards, memorials or to that special someone in your life. Our 3D crystal gifts are engraved with your photo and are the perfect way of capturing those cherished memories forever.

3D Laser Land creates the ultimate gifts when it comes to etched 3D photo crystals. The laser effect works great on photos of people and a multitude of objects as it enables our designers to produce a unique extrusion that makes it look like the person or object is really inside the crystal. Looking at the crystal from the side gives a detailed view that actually protrudes out creating that perfect 3D effect.

Today’s technology make printing and displaying your photos easier than ever and by printing pictures on glass your photo displays will be beautiful, durable and affordable. Here are some reasons to consider printing on glass:

Professional Stunning Display of Pictures on Glass:

You don’t need a clunky frame to display your photos. When you print pictures on glass, your picture is the focal point of the display. Without a frame to distract, your photos are the main part of the display, creating a display that is clear and crisp. Printing pictures on glass provides the most professional display possible, your pictures won’t wrinkle or fade and you don’t have to worry about keeping a frame or the inside glass clean. Instead, your photos are displayed without clunky wooden frames resulting in a clean and crisp photo display that will make your photos look professional and your display look stunning.

Give The Gift Of Memories Immortalized In Crystal

When you’re looking for an innovative, unforgettable gift that is sure to take someone’s breath away, consider the appeal of 3D crystals. At Crystal Gallery, we craft custom 3D crystal pictures that can memorialize and celebrate your life’s most important moments. Ensure that special anniversaries, birthdays, career accomplishments, births or relationships are never forgotten by engraving them on flawless crystal. Our 3D crystal photos are heirloom pieces that can be handed down for generations — one-of-a-kind mementos to treasure!

Light and Durable Pictures on Glass:

The glass used to print pictures is both very light and very durable. Framed pictures can be heavy and tedious to hang on your walls. They can also be damaged or fall apart over the years. Printing pictures on glass offers a finished product that is both light and incredibly durable. This makes hanging your pictures on the wall very easy. And without a frame or glass, you won’t ever have to replace components of your picture display.

How 2D and 3D Crystal Engraving Works:

Give us a photo of a special loved one, event, location or memory, and we can transform it into a 2D or 3D image engraved on crystal. Our artists prepare every photo and any applicable text for laser etching using 2D conversion software. Then, state-of-the-art lasers carve your image into a flawless piece of optically clear solid crystal. The resulting 2D piece showcases a precise rendering of your original image, set in crystal. For 3D designs, the image looks almost like a sculpture, displaying an intricate design from any angle.

The Perfect Gifts for Any Occasion:

Any occasion that deserves commemorating is the perfect opportunity to give a custom crystal gift. Are your parents celebrating a milestone anniversary? Do you want to immortalize a beloved pet? Whether you’re memorializing your child’s baby years or a favorite wedding photo, 3D crystals are the perfect way to do it.

Long-Lasting Glass Photos:

Photos in frames can fade over time. They may also wrinkle or be damaged by moisture. Printing pictures on glass creates a long lasting display that will not be damaged by moisture, will not wrinkle and will provide a professional and stunning display for years.

Display options for your pictures on glass:

When you print pictures onto glass you have options to create artistic displays that showcase your photographic ability. You can split a picture up into several smaller frames and create a collage of pictures printed on glass. Or, you can use the glass to create creative and inventive displays. Because the pictures are printed right on the glass you can use your imagination to create black and white photos that are artistically beautiful. You can use the background opaqueness of the glass to create a silhouette photo or a glass photo that almost looks like stained glass. By printing your photos on glass, your inner photographer is able to shine and the possibilities are endless.

It’s not just for photos:

Printing pictures on glass means you print almost any picture – regardless of what type of paper it has been created on. You don’t have to worry about purchasing high quality paper that won’t fade or wrinkle for your artistic creations, printing directly on glass means you can print virtually any picture and display is professionally and beautifully. Printing and displaying your children’s artwork is now incredibly easy and you don’t have to worry that framing it will damage it or it won’t last.

It used to be a lot of work to display your photos and artwork. You would have to print them on quality paper, find the right size of frame, wrestle to get the picture into the frame and then struggle with nails and screws and anchors to get the picture on your wall. But using the new technology in photo printing you can print your picture on glass, creating beautiful, professional and stunning displays quickly and easily.


Perhaps you have a modest budget yet are looking for something personal as a gift? Or maybe you’re even searching for a personalized birthday present? A 3D crystal glass photo is a little treasure that will surely capture the attention of that special birthday child.

Simply choose a photo which particularly appeals to you - the only requirement for the photo is that it should contain no more than one person or one animal in a head and shoulders shot (bust style). Then upload your photo here. Add an extra special touch by including your own personalized text - an inscription, a greeting, or perhaps solely the name of the person depicted.

Please note that this item can only be ordered in portrait format. We’ll adjust photos that have been incorrectly uploaded in landscape format to portrait format.

Your 3D glass photo will be ready in just a few days

In just a few days, your photo will be converted into a 3D model, lending it a stunningly realistic effect. The 3D photo is then preserved in a glass cuboid of superior quality. Start getting ready now for the surprised look of your recipient when they encounter this amazing 3D effect!

The Crystal Gallery laser engraving cube, block, heart shape block, keychain can engrave 3D laser photo which gives you the best value for money. It offers the opportunity to have your photo in 3D for an unbeatably low price.

We add something very special to your snapshot or portrait: the depth-effect! An extra dimension can turn your photo into a real eye-catcher: The 3D laser photo in crystal cube or any glass.

The portrait format brings out the best and also allows for the inclusion of a short, personalized text if desired.

Your photo in 3D How we turn a regular photo into a 3D photo

Guarantee: 100% UV fade resistant. Your 3D laser photo will never become discolored or faded.

Does that also go with our company logo or a 3D representation of our product?

Yes, no problem!

Anything that can be graphically displayed digitally on a computer, be it company logos, graphics, drawings, sketches or complex products in 3D, can also be lasered two-dimensionally or three-dimensionally in glass.

Just contact us by click on CONTACT US menu. Just send us your idea as remarks, our sales support team will contact you very soon.

For simple logos, graphics or 3D files there are no extra costs, the price is the same as in the online shop at www.crystalgallery.com

For more complex file transfers, or if the 3D file is yet to be created from their templates, one-off costs for file transfer or file creation may arise. Just contact us.

If you need larger quantities, please mention this, in these cases, the price per piece is reduced significantly!

Do you also offer the production of larger quantities, eg as promotional items or give-aways?

Yes, of course.

Please contact us by click on CONTACT US menu

Ideally, give us your idea. If you have sketches, graphics or photos of your desired motive, please send us by email later. Please also tell us the desired quantities and the desired glass size.

Of course, we will gladly make you a non-binding offer. Our offer for larger quantities usually consists of a one-time fee for the 3D file creation or data transfer, and the actual costs per piece.

Before production, we will gladly send you a digital preview of the finished motif for approval.

You are welcome to receive a sample in advance in advance (we will charge you the cost of the sample when placing the order).

In my photo is a person who is not supposed to be in the 3D laser photo, how do I do that?

You can upload the photo by click on customize button, and mention in the remarks that what need to be removed, our 3D designers will do that. We will send you artwork for your approval before start production. You can always make sure the design or idea is perfect as per your requirement before start production.

Which quality criteria does my photo have to fulfill for the production as a 2D or 3D laser photo?

As a general rule, you alone decide which photo you would like to have processed by us. We can process almost any photo. Here are some tips:

Make sure that your photo optimally exposed, so neither too bright nor too dark not shaky but sharp and not too small. It should be 300 to 400 pixels edge length.

However, as well as blurred, poorly exposed and very small pictures, for example, can be printed as a poster, so we can process any photo. Only what is true for the poster, also applies to all Crystal Gallery products: If a photo is blurred, has scratches or a bad pimple is on the nose of the photographed person, this will also look exactly in the finished product.

A few words on the exposure of the photo, for example, if a photo is to be taken extra:

Since we bring neither color nor black or white in the glass, but only crystalline dots, which are visible by the header as small white dots, a motif is constructed so that bright areas of a photo represented by many points, and dark areas of a photo through few or no points are displayed in the finished glass product.

A black background with a well-lit main subject gives the best results. If the background is 100% black, it does not even have to be removed.

A black dog or a black piece of clothing is generally lightened by us, in order to still be able to represent it in the glass.

What's up with the maximum number of people, animals or objects in the 3D laser photos?

Modeling in 3D by two people is usually twice as complex as modeling a person, and thus twice as expensive.

Furthermore, individual players of a whole football team, whose photo would be printed on a stamp, would no longer be visible.

Therefore, we have designed the concept around the 3D laser photos so that per cuboid size, or per k9 crystal glass cuboid, a certain, maximum number of persons or objects applies, which we can process for the mentioned price and the mentioned size. The maximum number of persons, animals or objects that can be processed per k9 crystal glass is noted on the respective product page.

The Big Block is the cuboid with the largest number of people: up to 10 people are possible in the Big Block.

Of course, all this applies only to products that are modeled in 3D by the photo. All 2D laser photos can be processed without restrictions.

How can you turn a normal photo into a 3D image?

A normal photo is a two-dimensional (flat) representation of a real, three-dimensional scene. The person in a photo lacks any depth information. Nevertheless, you intuitively know how the nose, eyes, mouth, etc. look in 3D.

This knowledge is used by our 3D graphic designers. With a special 3D software we give your photo depth (or height) and model it in 3D.

Is this also possible in 3D with a photo of my dog, cat, horse, house, car, or motorcycle?

Yes! - Since we can model humans in 3D, this is also easy with, for example, your four-legged darling, whether dog, cat or horse. Also dolphins, fish, tigers, lions etc ... we have already modeled in 3D on behalf of the customer. Depending on the effort, your home, company building, your car or your motorbike is also possible. Directly on the product page is noted, which motives we can represent in which product. Depending on the effort but could cost more. In case of doubt, please click ‘contact us’ menu.

How fast can you deliver?

Your order has always the highest priority and so we will do our utmost to produce your order as soon as possible and send it to you. However, the (production and) delivery times are partly dependent on the selected product, and so we have noted the applicable delivery times on the product on each product page.