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In the past 2 decades the UAE, Dubai in particular, has emerged as one of the world's leading MICE [Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Exhibitions] destinations. There are corporate, sports and entertainment events happening each month, all facilitated by the great infrastructure and booming hospitality industry. The awards and gift industry is very niche; our product and service offering is suitable for all industries and is not industry specific. Crystal products make ideal classy and elegant gifts for VVIP's like Royalty, Heads of State and celebrities. Crystal products are also appropriate as corporate gifts to business associates. Over the years, our product lines have been used by different Governments and private companies belonging to the following fields:

♦ Academic institutions

♦ Banking and finance

♦ Civil aviation

♦ Event organizers

♦ Hospitality and tourism industry

♦ Oil and gas industry

♦ Social and service oriented organizations

♦ Sporting and sports related goods

Just to let you know, for ease of operations, we own warehouses and have a strong logistics team, in UAE, we can and have shipped products to almost every country in the world.

Franchisee Opportunities

1. Complete the Application Form

The procedures start with submitting the online application.

2. Assessment

The concerned Account Manager for the particular area will scrutinize the application form and you will be instructed to appoint a representative who will be called for a personal meeting. The outcome of this meeting will decide on further proceedings.

3. Submission of Company Profile and Financial statements

Your representative will be asked to submit a complete company profile giving details of your company background, activities, resources and prospects. Along with the company profile you will be required to provide the audited financial report of previous two years including that of the current year.

4. Lease Finalization

Once company profile and financial statement reviewed and certified satisfactory by the corporate office, your local representative and the management officials will be called for a second sitting, in which the site selection will be worked out.

5. Showroom Designing

Once our franchise development team review and approve the site suggested, you will be required to finalize on the lease agreements. Once the lease is signed, you will be required to submit the location plans to our designers for planning the showroom layout. Once the layout is designed and approved, you can appoint your contractors for showroom construction.

6. Training

Simultaneously with showroom designing and construction, your retail and administration representatives will be called for corporate training at our Head Quarters in Dubai. This training will be co-coordinated by the Training Manager under the supervision of the Business Development Director and Director of Marketing. The duration of training will vary from 1 to 2 weeks, as per the prevailing situation.

7. Showroom Opening

Once the showroom is set up for operation a suitable date can be fixed to schedule the opening.,/p>