Stunning-gleaming-frost-footed-crystal-centerplate-with-intense-handcrafted-pattern Product
Stunning-gleaming-frost-footed-crystal-centerplate-with-intense-handcrafted-pattern Product

Stunning gleaming frost footed crystal centerplate with intense handcrafted pattern

(Product Code:01940)

The beautiful plate scattered with Suraj cuts is ideal for holding fruits & flowers. Classy footed handcrafted crystal center plate.Crafted in lead crystal with our signature traditional and contemporary designs. Crystal Gallery's decorative centerplate collection is the epitome of strong craftsmanship. The handcrafted cuts in clear crystal and a shiny appeal give this crystal plate a traditional touch that is hard to be missed. This crystal decorative centerplate makes a great housewarming gift or even ideal for any occasion. Our superior products are only produced by hand in a time consuming process, with excellence in every detail. Each high quality and exclusive crystal decorative center plate is unique and is produced by the glasssmiths with the use of their extensive experience and skills. Elaborate finishing techniques are used, such as cutting, engraving and producing matt finishes, which gives Crystal Gallery its exceptional clarity and brilliance. With careful craftsmanship and lots of love in the detail successfully creates an amazing crystal product like crystal center plates. Because everything is made by hand and every glasssmith has much experience, one of a kind crystal products will be produced. The absolute perfection and craftsmanship of our crystal glass makers are reflected in all our crystal collections. Experience exclusive crystal gifts, masterfully processed into sophisticated crystal centerplates

USD 493.15
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Main Category :Homeware
Sub Category :Centerplates
Length: 32.00 Centimeter
Height: 4.00 Inch
Diameter: 12.00 Inch
Weight :3.1 Kg
Material Type: Crystalline
Unit: PCS
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Crystal Plate Housewarming Gift

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