Tourist-souvenir-traditional-crystal-Khanjar-cutout-corporate-gift-Customized-Logo-Text Product Product
Tourist-souvenir-traditional-crystal-Khanjar-cutout-corporate-gift-Customized-Logo-Text Product Product

Tourist souvenir traditional crystal Khanjar cutout corporate gift Customized Logo Text

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The Khanjar is a traditional curved dagger sharpened on both edges. The sheath is usually decorated in silver or gold with intricate carvings & jewels A khanjar is a traditional dagger originating from Oman. Khanjar Worn by men for ceremonial occasions, it is a short curved sword shaped like the letter "J" and resembles a hook. Traditional Bedouin dagger are Curved daggers, known as 'khanjars' , are an intrinsic part of Dubai's Bedouin heritage. Find made-in-UAE versions that faithfully represent the traditional design and are crafted in silver with real gold plating – not dissimilar to what tribal leaders would historically carry. Crystal Gallery having wide range k9 crystal handmade decorated replicas a perfect souvenir for your trip memory, an ideal gift for tourists who visiting Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE or anywhere in the Arabian countries.

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Main Category :Tourists & Souvenirs
Sub Category :Oman
Length: 2.75 Inch
Breadth: 1.75 Inch
Height: 3.50 Inch
Weight :0.145 Kg
Material Type: OPTIC CRYSTAL
Unit: PCS
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Khanjar Replica Oman Tourist Souvenirs

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