World Landmarks

Worlds-most-Famous-Land-Marks-3D-Laser-Engraving-in-Crystal-Cube-VIP-Corporate-Gift-with-wooden-Base-and-Metal-Plate-360x80x80MM-Customized-Logo-Text-Pictures Product
Worlds-most-Famous-Land-Marks-3D-Laser-Engraving-in-Crystal-Cube-VIP-Corporate-Gift-with-wooden-Base-and-Metal-Plate-360x80x80MM-Customized-Logo-Text-Pictures Product

Worlds most Famous Land Marks 3D Laser Engraving in Crystal Cube VIP Corporate Gift with wooden Base and Metal Plate 360x80x80MM Customized Logo Text Pictures

(Product Code:C4268)

This crystal slab sitting atop a wooden base captures the true essence of some of the world's most famous landmarks & monuments. Personalized / Customized content such as logos, text or pictures can be engraved / etched on the main body of this product at an additional charge.

USD 789.92
* Customization and special packaging charges will be additional if required

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Main Category :Tourists & Souvenirs
Sub Category :World Landmarks
Length: 360.00 Millimeter
Height: 80.00 Millimeter
Thickness: 80.00 Millimeter
Weight :7.35 Kg
Material Type: OPTIC CRYSTAL
Unit: PCS
Customized packaging: Product Image Product Image Product Image Product Image Product Image
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Crystal Cube Crystal Laser Engraving Famous Landmarks Christ The Redeemer Statue - Brazil Statue Of Liberty - USA Big Ben - United Kingdom Eiffel Tower - France Colosseum - Italy Leaning Tower Of Pisa - Italy Hagia Sophia-turkey Great Pyramid-egypt Taj Mahal Burj Khalifa Saint Basil Cathedral - Russia The Great Wall Of China Sydney Opera House - Australia Petronas Twin Towers - Malaysia 3D Laser Engraved Crystal

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