Handcrafted-Crystal-Replica-of-UAE-Fort-with-Customized-either-Clear-Black-Base-Text-Logo-UAE-Traditional-Landmark Product Product
Handcrafted-Crystal-Replica-of-UAE-Fort-with-Customized-either-Clear-Black-Base-Text-Logo-UAE-Traditional-Landmark Product Product

Handcrafted Crystal Replica of UAE Fort with Customized either Clear Black Base Text Logo UAE Traditional Landmark

(Product Code:R4778)

Fort is a strong or fortified place occupied by troops and usually surrounded by walls, ditches, and other defensive works; a fortress; fortification. Our wide range of Dubai Abu Dhabi UAE tourist gift collections stocks include a full range of souvenirs, laser 3D engraved gifts, crystal replicas of famous land marks, customized items, gifts and many more with fantastic prices! So, don't miss one of the best shop in Dubai for presents and souvenirs. No trip is complete without a few souvenirs to take back home and help preserve the happy holiday memories. Buy stylish crystal mementos to stow in your checked luggage to remind you of your unique desert adventures. Your experience and memories of living in Dubai Abu Dhabi UAE showcase with beautiful souvenir or gift. Creating Memories is a Priceless Gift. You can get an online gift delivery to Dubai Abu Dhabi or anywhere in the world of such extraordinary gifts memento tourist souvenirs and many more.

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Main Category :Tourists & Souvenirs
Sub Category :UAE
Length: 120.00 Millimeter
Breadth: 120.00 Millimeter
Height: 120.00 Millimeter
Weight :2.36 Kg
Material Type: OPTIC CRYSTAL
Unit: PCS
Customized packaging: Product Image Product Image Product Image Product Image Product Image
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