Vintage-look-luxurious-classic-crystal-wine-glass-elegant-cuts-alluring-handcrafted-stem-5-oz Product Product
Vintage-look-luxurious-classic-crystal-wine-glass-elegant-cuts-alluring-handcrafted-stem-5-oz Product Product

Vintage look luxurious classic crystal wine glass elegant cuts alluring handcrafted stem 5 oz

(Product Code:R8300)

Surprise a special wine-lover with a personalised wine glass. Our signature traditional and contemporary handcrafted cutting patterns such as Kay, Pinwheel, Sapolic, Taj Mehrab, Star Jalli, Stuart, Aristocrat, etc and our wide range of shapes and designs are suited to all your wine preferences. Crystal Gallery expert craftsmanship will ensure that you can enjoy fine wines in our luxury crystal white and red wine glasses. Your favorite chilled wines, you're sure to find the perfect wine glass with us as a treat for yourself or for someone special. Whether purchasing for yourself or someone else, our in-house engraving services now make it possible to personalize your wine glass or any bar glasses, decanter, stemware, vases, bowls and other gifts like never before. You can customize wine glass with a message engraved with your text, add a name or include a date, for a keepsake present that they can use for years to come. Our personalized custom engraving options on wine glasses having Icon or Logo with text, One Character Monogram, Two Character Monogram, Three character monogram etc. Say it engraved with our selection of personalised wine glasses engraved with your very own message, great for celebrating birthday's, anniversaries and weddings.

USD 27.40
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Main Category :Homeware
Sub Category :Glassware
Height: 17.00 Centimeter
Capacity : 15.00 Centilitre
Weight :0.287 Kg
Material Type: LEAD CRYSTAL
Unit: PCS
Customized packaging: Product Image Product Image Product Image Product Image Product Image
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