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• Decanters
Decanters come in all interesting shapes and sizes. Take a pick from our variety of options that are drenched in elegant cuts and beautiful decorative designs. Attempt to quench your guests' thirst by bringing out your finest, swimming within a tastefully engraved flask that's crafted with finesse. Serve your choice of liquid in style by pouring it into a classy decanter etched with Stuart cuts. Bring out your finest beverage, swimming in an artful flask crafted with Star Patti cuts. The elegantly shaped decanter sports smooth contours & hints of gold embellishments.

• Whisky Glass
Enjoy a splendid blend of your desired distilled beverage either on the rocks, neat with a splash of water or with a befitting mixer, all through a transparent glass that portrays a sophisticated contour. Onlookers will awe at the many designs it comes drenched in namely, Suraj, Kay and Clear cuts, to name a few. The sophisticated beverage glass dressed in pink, portrays a neat, simplistic appearance. Bring out your finest beverage in an artful flask crafted with bold Star Patti cuts.The Deep Square Line cuts sliced into the whisky glass give it a sparkling touch.Watch your desired distilled beverage swirl around in tastefully colored glasses. The Deep Square Line cuts sliced into the whisky glass give it a sparkling touch.Large Kay cuts are sliced into the whisky glass to add that sparkling touch. Drenched in green, the spectacular glass is speckled with intricate designs. A combination of Suraj and Mehrab cuts dominate this sturdy whisky glass. A combination of Suraj and Mehrab cuts dominate this sturdy whisky glass.
Tasteful Star cuts adorn the sides of the green-hued decanter.

• Juice Glasses
Fancy a glass of refreshing fruit juice or lemonade to quench that parched throat? Well, satiate that desire & look classy while at it too by choosing from a wide choice of designs that include smooth contoured cuts & striking strokes. Watch as the liquid fills up through this translucent tumbler.

• Beer Mug
Guzzle down your favorite brand of beer from a mug that simply oozes with sophistication, making it an ideal novelty to have around the bar. You'll be able to espy different designs such as Kay, Suraj, Square Line, Clear, Diamond and Stuart cuts etched all along the outer surface of the glass. Sip the frothy goodness and make merry with pals. The mighty looking beer mug is designed with the Kay cut etched all around.

• Champagne Glass
Keep the bubbly flowing as you drink from a glass that's as finely dressed as this. The stately flute is decorated by employing different innovative styles such as Square Line, Colored, Aristocrat, Kay and Stuart cuts. This slender bar range accessory along with a carefully selected champagne bottle are the perfect accompaniments to any sort of occasion. The smooth clear stately flute allows you to espy the sparkling champagne within. This slender bar range accessory along with a carefully selected champagne bottle are the perfect accompaniments to any sort of occasion. Toast to the power of love by clinking uniquely-shaped champagne glasses that complement each other perfectly. This elegant champagne glass is crafted with exquisite Suraj cuts.

• Brandy Sniffer
Experience the elegance as you cradle the beautifully crafted Brandy Snifter & give it a little swirl. This short-stemmed glass features a wide bottom & narrow top to keep the aroma trapped within the drinking vessel. Whether it's fruit, grape or pomace brandy, you and your guests will be able to sip from the finest. The crystal Brandy Snifter is surrounded by intricately etched Stuart cuts.

• Wine Glass
The elegant wine glass bears classic Stuart cuts. Sip your wine from a glass that's endowed with a couple of rich, thick gold bands. Sip from a special glass that resonates with elegance and watch as the dazzling liquid contents sparkle bright before your eyes. Whether it's the white or red sort, you'll be able to really savor each drop through this exquisitely crafted wine glass that boasts of stylish cuts such as Deep Line, Kay, Clear, Taj, Colored and Suraj. So go ahead and pour yourself a generous helping of Mousseux or Rosso. Shop this beautiful Wine Glass engrave this special Christmas date engraved on it for your sweet memory. Savor each drop through this exquisitely crafted white wine glass. These elegant wine goblets come in a palette of playful hues, adding a touch of color to your table or bar.

• Cup and Saucer
The cup & saucer set in a sparkling red hue is a splendid addition to any teatime tableware. You haven't experienced extravagant Afternoon tea until you've relished the aromatic beverage from an exquisite crystal cup and saucer pair.